Hi Professor Viljoen

I was a student in your Semester 1 – 2013 class and wanted to thank you so much for making Accounting easy and simple for me to understand. After 4 failed attempts, I was finally able to pass with a distinction. Praise God! I will see you on the 10 August, for my first FAC1601 lecture, and God willing I will be able to graduate next year.

Many thanks and regards
Riana Mooi

(May/June 2013)

 Hi Doreen and Mr Viljoen,


I would like thank you both for all the help you have provided for me during the 1st semester of 2013. I was one of those people who would register with Unisa and not sit in for the exams because I was scared of Accounting. Today, I have not only passed FAC1502 with 76 % but also gained confidence with all my studies. Mr Viljoen said to us in the beginning that if we listen to him, there is no way we will fail Accounting. Class attendance as well as doing homeworks was recipe to my success. Thank you for all the help as well as motivating words you have been giving to us. May God bless you!!!


Doris Marekwa  

(May/June 2013)


Glory be to God. I thank God who gave Prof Viljoen  wisdom, patience and the love of teaching. The passion you show when teaching is truly incredible. You have imparted something in me that no man can take (Confidence), I realize that nothing is impossible or rather difficult all you need is to have the right people around you. I failed Accounting 1502 in 2011 & this year ( June 2013) I registered with Accounting School then I passed with 61% though I believe that I could have done better than this but I `m grateful that I made it. Am so happy, Hallelujah God is great. Keep it up PROF Viljoen you are the best gift accounting students may ever have.

May God bless you and may He give you life more abundantly.

Kind Regards

Cyliah from Krugersdorp

(May / June 2013)

Mnr Viljoen,


Ek wil net baie dankie sê vir die Accounting School onder leiding van mnr Viljoen  wat bygedrae het tot my sukses om Rekeningkunde FAC1502 te kon slaag.

Ek het elke Saterdag (vir 9 weke lank) van Klerksdorp na Pretoria gery.   Mnr Viljoen is ‘n spesialis in sy veld, sonder hom sou ek defnitief nie geslaag het nie.


Alle eer en lof aan mnr Viljoen wat my gehelp het, ek sou dit nie op my eie kon doen nie……… en Doreen baie dankie vir jou groot admin funksie wat jy daar verrig!!!


Baie dankie

Riana Rudolph

Student Mei/Junie 2013


To Tienie and Doreen


When I failed FAC1502 in 2012, I saw my chances of attaining a degree just fading away –  although I had put in a lot of hard work but I did not understand the concepts.


Then I registered in the Accounting School – the energy and the enthusiasm displayed by Tienie and his staff members makes students want to study more in order not to disappoint them.  I must spell it out though that when you attend first three classes you’re still confused about the concepts but by the fourth lecture then you start understanding what Tienie is trying to engrave into student’s mind.


I am really grateful and appreciate what Tienie has done for me.


I attained final mark of 60% for FAC1502.


I have registered for FAC1601.


Wonderboy Kekana

(May / June 2013)



Good morning,

After failing FAC1502 twice, I almost lost hope in Accounting until I discovered the Accounting School! I registered for both FAC1501 and FAC1502 and attended classes for 9 weeks, I never skipped a single class!! I wrote my exams in October 2012. Although I was a bit nervous when writing FAC1502, I managed to get 91% for FAC1501 and 75% for FAC1502 !! The principles learnt in the Accounting school did not only help me pass Accounting but boosted my energy in all my other studies in that I managed to get 5 distinctions for all the 5 modules I registered for this semester. Thank you Mr Viljoen, like you said about Olympic athletes, it’s all about practice and preparation!!
Thank you!
Omphile Makete
(Oct 2012)


I just want to thank you for all that you have done for me last semester, I got an distinction in accounting!!

Thank you
Gizelle Fourie

(July 2012)

Good day

My name is Sta-sia and I attended your sessions for the first semester!

I don’t have any accounting back ground and did not have math as a subject!

I was so scared of accounting, I did not go to the exam in 2010! This year I called the accounting school and the man I spoke to set me at ease! I remember his words: “you won’t just pass, you will get a distinction”

I am proud to say that, even though I thought I am just, just going to pass with a 50%, I got a distinction! I am now more motivated to proceed with my studies and I am not fearful anymore!

Thank you for your excellent service and interest in the well being of the students! I tell every one I hear off that studies, about the accounting school!

I currently started at a new employee (solidariteit) and they encourage all staff to study. I will tell every one there about you!

Thank you so much I am for ever great full!

Sta-sia Engelbrecht

(July 2012)


I hope that you will be able to pass this thank you message to Prof. Viljoen and the rest of his team.

I wanted to let you know that I have received 78% for FAC1503. I am so happy but at the same time sad because in all honesty everything in the exam was well covered during my Saturday sessions and therefore I should have come back with 100%.  As you know FAC1503 is a first year module for LLB students but for me it was my last module and therefore a barrier that needed to be removed for me to graduate.

I have never done accounting before joining your classes. The funny thing is that I came there to pass an exam and forget about accounting after, but the principles just don’t want to go away!

May God bless you.
P Ramela

(June 2012)

Hi Doreen en Mnr Viljoen,

Ek wil net baie dankie se vir al die vriendelike hulp en advies gedurende die vorige semester. Julle diens is voorwaar voortreflik.

Ek het toe 74% behaal in die eksamen, het eintlik ‘n beter punt verwag J, maar nie te min, die vraestel was net ‘n plesier, en al die dank gaan aan die wonderlike onderrig wat in die klasse aangebied was.

Hou aan met die wonderlike werk wat julle doen. As daar meer mense soos Mnr Viljoen was met ‘n passie vir die vakgebied soos wat hy het, sou ons veel meer ervare en passievolle rekenmeesters gehad het! JJ

Nogmaals, baie, baie dankie.

Letitia Jacobs

(March 2012)

To All Accounting School Staff,
I would like to say thank you so much for your assistance during 2011 Second

I repeated FAC1501 a couple of times, registered it together with FAC 1601 and
still failed them, then I decided to leave them until I finish other subjects
in my degree.

Then I joined Accounting School for both subjects against all odds as I had to
register them both as final subjects standing between me and my degree, what an
investment I made!

I had to fly from Durban every Friday and back every Sunday, get a car or
picked up at the airport and drive to Accounting School for 9 weeks.

Now I learned that Accounting is SIMPLE ,EASY AND LOGIC, and I totally
believed that.

I’m proud to say I have passed both my modules with a distinction in FAC1501
and I am graduating for my BCom in Industrial and Organisational Psychology in
April, couldn’t  have done it without Accounting School. It was totally
worth it!

Thanku! Thanku! Thanku! Thanku! Thanku! Thanku!

Leonard Mashao

(March 2012)

Dear Mr Viljoen,

I don’t even know how to begin to thank you. I have registered for FAC1501 twice before but never went to write the exam because I was too afraid, the work made no sense to me especially because I did not have accounting as a subject in school. I attended your classes during the 2nd semester of 2011 and the way that you explained the subject to us just opened a new world to me and for the first time I felt that I may have a chance of passing this subject. I just received my results for the November exam and I am happy to inform you that I got 98%!

Thank you very much for all your patience and I will definitely see you next semester to tackle FAC1601.

Kind regards,
Marlene Wilkinson

(Jan 2012)

I hated numbers before you guys came along!

You will be glad to know I passed with distinction and want to take this opportunity to thank you and your partners tremendously for this wondrous opportunity.

Thank you kindly

Michelle Mostert

(Jan 2012)


Passed FAC1502 thanks to Accounting School, even though I was really sick before and during exams I decided to go and write anyway.

Passed with 54%

Viwe (Jan 2012)

Accounting school was a great help last year and I passed with a distinction, so I’m very eager to start the New Year with accounting school again.

Catia Leite

(Jan 2012)

It is true that when you command your mountain(s) to be removed they shall simply obey and move! I did not only pass but I got a DISTINCTION!! Hallelujah, praise GOD!!

Mr Viljoen, I pray that God continue to bless you, staff members and family for showing-off your talent. You don’t only teach accounting but an inspiration to many. I thank you! FAC1601 here I come!!!!!

Thabile Lukhele
(Jan 2012)

Hi, I would like to thank everybody involved at the Accounting School, especially to Prof. Viljoen. I tried 3 times before to pass FAC1502 on my own and couldn’t manage. I’m proud to say, I passed the exam with 88%. I couldn’t believe it myself. Thank you for all your help and guidance. I will be seeing you shortly for FAC1601 classes!

Frans van Staden
(Jan 2012)

Once more I would like to appreciate for your efficient facilitation for our course arrangements professionally managed and resource organisation for bringing confidence to us as students in the course.

Mostly I once more thank Mr Viljoen for his presentation method and approach to boast our confidence and understanding of Accounting which I was doing for the first time in my history.

I failed it semester 1 2010 due to fright as it is totally different environment from my career in Land and Engineering Surveying, I had courage to continue classes the past semester as I realised my weaknesses and understood strategic approach that Mr Viljoen present the course to us and advice on how to step by step practice and study as well as important issues to take care off in dealing with different aspects of the course.

I wrote the exams for the first time without fear ready for it although I got confused a bit but I managed to PASS by 60 % WITH 55% EXAM mark.

I highly appreciate and looking to try my best once more for FAC1601

J Naledi

(Dec 2011)

Please can you tell Mr Viljoen I have passed accounting. I would not have done it without him helping me. Thank you so much and may God bless him greatly.



(Dec 2011)

Dear Prof:

I have never be so excited in my life with my studies, after three years of struggling with FAC 1501 failing all the times this is a good opportunity to celebrate.I have passed with distinction 92% so accounting is SIMPLE ,EASY AND LOGIC.You said to us we must look over the mountain not across and i have attended all the lectures thank you to Prof and staff for assistance what can we be without you.

Many thanks

Sophy Ledwaba

(Dec 2011)

Okay where do I begin… Accounting has been a thorn in my side since my high school days. After leaving high school, I thought I’d never balance another book ever again. But fate as it were, is not without a sense of irony. ENTER UNIVERSITY!!! Accounting was a pre-requisite. No matter how much I begged and pleaded, it wasn’t going away, it couldn’t be avoided. Semester after semester I kept failing, thinking there wasn’t any possible end to my struggle with this horrid subject. That is until I did some research into accounting classes that could help me pass said horrid subject. ACCOUNTING SCHOOL. I’ll be the first to admit, I was skeptical at first, I thought I was just wasting my money. And just like that, a miracle happened, I started to genuinely become interested in accounting. I worked through the work-sheets that were given out during class. The result… 60%… I was blown away. Now I can’t wait to register for FAC1602. Aiming for 90% this time. Thanks a bunch guys, see you next year!

T Matime

(Des 2011)

Hi Tienie,

I’d like to thank you for all the support you gave us to beat Accounting. I failed FAC1502 three times before but after joining accounting school I was surprised to see how easy, logical and simple accounting is.

I even passed FAC1601 by distinction.

I referred a whole lot of people to Accounting school, so expect more students this year.

Thank you.

Makgabo Moabi

(Nov 2011)

A big thank you goes to Mr Viljoen for having chosen to dedicate his time for starting this school to help students like myself who has last seen accounting in std 8 high school. I actually registered for FAC1502 in 2010 2nd semester and chickened out coz I knew that there was no way that I would even make it to even make it for a rewrite. So instead of throwing my money down the drain, I decided to rather apply to move my exam to 1st semester 2011. I read all the good reports about the students on the website and decided to try Mr Viljoen. I called and explained that even though I had moved my exam to 2011, I still had to submit my assignments in 2010, which was just as much as a nightmare. I left this dilemma with Doreen and to my surprise, Mr Viljoen personally called me back and not only assisted me with submitting my assignment, but with a very calm but confident voice assured me that should I attend, I would pass ”easily”! All this and I did not even register yet, Mr Viljoen showed good faith to a total stranger and I returned this by registering for the Accounting school 2011. Afterall, this investment was more than proving to myself if the school was worth it, it was about helping me at the end of the day. I attended the Thursday evening classes, and I must admit, that working a full time job, running a household and also having other subjects to study, this was a challenge.

The 1st evening was such a joy, mr Viljoen was so sweet but yet he got straight to the point and the 1st life lesson he taught was to be positive and though I have heard this a trillion times before, something about the way he said it that night made me believe that if I change my thinking into positive, I would make it. As the weeks past by he kept on inspiring us to “Be present” not only while in class, but for every lesson, and that inspired me to keep driving all the way from JHB straight after work to attend the classes in PTA. I had a few challenges that did not allow me to practice as much as i would have liked to, but by just being present and positive, there was always hope that I would still make it. We wrote the exam a week earlier than expected, and I had no anxiety watsoever, Mr Viljoen taught that if we knew the principles of accounting, we would see that “Accounting is Easy and Logic”. I wrote the exam and unfortunately I did not make it in time to finish the last question, but when they took my paper, I was confident that I will pass. The results have not as yet been released, but I am positively waiting for it and if I dont make it, I still wont regret going for the classes as i have been enriched my full money’s worth. Thank you Mr Vlijoen, for making me believe that there is nothing to anything if i just put my mind on it. For the positive energy you have transferred to me.

May you live a long and happy, fulfilled life!!!

God bless

So I got my results yesterday, and passed 77%.

Got a big distinction smile on my face!!!! Thanks again 2 Mr Viljoen!!!

Meredith Xhamlashe

(May 2011)

I would like to say thank you for all the assistance through the last semester. I have previously written FAc1502 and was unsuccessful. When I started the classes with Accounting school, the prescribed Text book and material seemed to be a task that most defiantly would be unachievable.

Subsequently I started feeling more secure after each lesson, and finally when I opened my exam I felt like laughing out loud because I know knew how to complete the individual sections in the exam.

I truly believe that I have not only passed the exam, but most probably achieved a distinction as well.

Thank you.

Philip Janse van Vuuren

(June 2011)

Beste Melisha

FAC1601 – JUNIE 2010

Baie dankie vir die fantastiese klasse wat jy aangebied het! Sonder jou sou ek nooit dié deel van die kursus kon slaag nie! Ek het geslaag met 82 persent en is in die wolke daaroor … ek het weereens nie klaargemaak met die vraestel nie … vraag 5 is net die formules gedoen en geen bewerkings nie!

Ongelooflik baie, baie dankie! Ek het nie eens Rekeningkunde II en III nodig nie maar die uitslae het so hittete veroorsaak dat ek weer wil inskryf … net vir myself!

Sandra Rompel

Wow! Im overwhelmed with joy right now. I just checked my results and I passed Fac1502. Thank you so much… wouldn’t have done it without you. Have a blessed christmas and a happy new year! God bless.

Vikky Imani

(July 2010)

Not only did I pass but I got a distinction!!! Please relay a big thank you to Mr Viljoen, his lessons and training of the basics were invaluable!!

I got 79% :)

See you in Feb for FAC1601 :)

Kind regards,
Terry-Sue v Rensburg

(July 2010)

Dear Tinie,

I just want to thank you for your assistance, I have finally passed my Accounting I got 71 thank you so much for your help, I am thinking of doing Accounting 2 only if you will help me.

Thank you so much!

Sibongile Mbokazi

(June 2010)

Goeie more

Sjoe baie opgewonde vanoggend – ek slaag rek – kan dit nie glo nie – het ‘n volle 70% gekry

Baie baie dankie Professor – sonder u sou ek dit nooit kon doen nie

Natasja Van Zyl

(June 2010)

Dear Sir,

I wanted to say thank you very much Mr. Viljoen for the wonderful and enlightening accounting lectures.

The examination was manageable, and I owe much gratitude to you Sir. I had a fear towards accounting (I failed it 3 times before) but now, I’ve faced the fear and I actually like accounting. I’ve realized that it’s so important to know accounting. I look forward to Accounts 102 with you Sir.

Thank you very very much for your positive motivation and inspiring stories as well. It is very encouraging and whatever you’ve said makes sense J

Thank you Sir, and I look forward to the next journey in accounting with you.

Infinite thanks Sir and God bless always.

Kind regards,

(Oct 2010)

This is just a mail to express my sincere gratitude for your assistance this semester, I got a distinction for accounting and am now eligible to graduate as it was the only course I had left

Vukani Dhlamini

(Dec 2010)


I just wanted to express my sincerest and heart-felt thanks – I’ve finally passed FAC1601 J

It would not have been possible without all your help, especially Melicia’s patience and clear explanations in class, etc etc.

I would easily recommend your school to anyone – keep up the good work, thanks!!

Kind regards,
Ludré-Ann Wels

(Dec 2010)

Let me first start by sending my sincere gratitude and appreciation for helping me succeed with my FAC 1502 and FAC 1601 without you I would not have made it thus far! There was a time when I wanted to quit because I was so frustrated with Accounting.

Thank you very much for your assistance.


Nomathemba Ngqalamba

(Dec 2010)

Accounting was vir my ‘n nagmerrie en ek sukkel al die afgelope 3 eksamens om accounting (FAC1601) deur te kom. My punte het gewissel tussen 25% en 36%. Dit was die laaste vak wat ek gekort het om my BCom graad te voltooi. Baie baie baie dankie vir die accounting school vir die wonderlike manier waarop julle accounting aanbied. Accounting was nog nooit vir my so maklik nie. Ek het my bietjie misgis met die tyd in die eksamen en moes my laaste vraag baie vinnig doen waar ek verseker ‘n klomp punte verloor het. Ek het gewerk vir ‘n onderskeiding, maar het toe 67% behaal in die eksamen. Nogmaals baie dankie, julle is “GREAT”.


St no: 32481926

(Des 2010)

I just wanted to thank you for your help, I passed accounting FAC 1602 with 69%

Mumsy Zungu

(Des 2010)

Got a distinction for FAC1502 76% – very happy J


Bradley White

(Sep 2010)

Ek het vandag my uitslae gekry. Ek wil net baie dankie se vir “Accounting School” en ‘n spesiale woord van dank aan Melicia. Ek is letterlik uit my nate uit vandag.

Ek het my graad voltooi na baie probeerslae…veral die rek 1.

Weereens baie dankie vir die insette en opofferinge, sonder julle sou ek nie klaar kon gemaak het nie.

Eugene van Dyk


(Sep 2010)

Would like to thank the accounting school for the excellent service last year, if I didn’t attained the classes last semester I wouldn’t achieve my 87%, Thank you Thank you. I look forward to the next 2 years, finishing my BCompt.


J Damons

(Oct 2010)

Wil net opreg vir Mnr T Viljoen bedank vir die klasse wat hy gegee het.  Hoekom is daar nie meer mense op hierdie aardbol wat ‘n vak so “lekker” kan oordra nie soos hy nie, as my rek onderwyser in matriek  net kon dieselfde wees…..

Nogmals dankie aan Accounting School, ek het nou wel net 66% gekry, maar moet ek hierdie semester leer om vinniger te werk, want ek het die Laaste vraag afgerammel en verseker ‘n klomp punte verloor.


(June 2010)

Baie dankie vir die rekeningkunde klasse wat u vir ons Unisa studente aanbied om nie net te slaag nie, maar om die vak te verstaan en die vak te geniet.

Ek het voorheen vir ACN101 geregistreer en eksamen geskryf en ek was een van menigde studente wat nie die paal kon haal nie. Met die vorige vraestel Het ek baie ure en baie laat aande deurgebring om die vak te bemeester, met geen sukses – ek kon slegs 18% kry die eerste keer toe ek ACN101 geskryf het.

Ek het te hore gekom van Accounting school deur ‘n kollega wat u klasse die vorige semester bygewoon het en het besluit om in te skryf.

Die besluit was een van die beste besluite wat ek kon geneem het.

My uitslag vir die Mei/Junie rekeningkunde vraestel is ‘n allemintige 87%!

Ek wil weereens vir u baie, baie dankie sê dat u werklik rekeningkunde vir my “Simple, easy logic” gemaak het.

Ek sien uit om FAC1602 hierdie komende semester te takel.

Baie dankie en vriendelike groete

G Steyn

14 June 2010

Dear Mr Viljoen

Thank you ever so much for all your assistance and patience with me for the duration of my FAC1502 classes!

I obtained 77 per cent for the first time round for Accounting FAC1502 and … Believe it or not … I didn’t even finish my paper … I didn’t even touch the creditors control account and I obtained this mark!

I registered twice but didn’t write any of the exams due to the fact that I was too scared to write … I was trying my best to do it on my own working through the study guide … Moving 30 pages forward and then … 10 pages backwards … Over and over again … I’m sure that some students know exactly what I’m talking about!

One of the staff members from our Bursary Unit informed me that some people of the Bank attended classes at the Accounting School in Montana and they passed their exams! I decided there and then to register for FAC1502 but also to register with the Accounting School!

My results – unbelievable – see Accounting is Simple, Easy and Logic!

I’ve already registered for FAC1601 and can’t wait to attend the classes!

Kind regards and once again, THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH!

S Rompel

Baie baie dankie vir al jul hulp!  Ek het gelsaag met lof 87%. Ek sou dit nooit sonder jul kon gedoen het nie!  Baie baie dankie!

L vd Vyver.


Hi Mr Viljoen This is just a testimony to thank you for taking me through this course. I got my results today after a long panic of not being able to finish my exam I wrote in May 10, got distinction 75%, can’t believe I did it. I just want to thank you for your dedication and good work, keep it up. I will be coming for the next module FAC1601. Just want to encourage all Unisa students who want to pursue their career in accounting that there is nothing impossible, Accounting is Simple, Easy, Logic.

Thanks once again Mr. Viljoen

N Kunkushi

Beste Mnr Vijljoen

Ek wil net baie, baie dankie sê, ek het uiteidelik FAC1502 geslaag met 79%. Dankie vir u goeie aanbieding van die klas, dit het my regtig baie gehelp.

M Stoman

Thank you for making us to pass FAC1502.

You are the Star!

I Jianef

Baie dankie, ek is my FAC1601 deur.  Nou is ek klaar met inkomstestate en “cash-flows”!

Nogmaals dankie vir die klasse!


K Els

Hallo Tienie…   Ek dink hierdie was die 5de keer gewees, of was dit nou die 6de keer… En na jou kurses – sukses!!!

Baie dankie vir als.

Sien julle vir die 2de semester!!!

R Ras 14/6/2010

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Mr Viljoen for the huge contribution you have made to make me understand accounting better.

Without you I wouldn’t have passed ACN101/FAC1502.

Z Vundisa

And again a miracle happened! I got 84% for exam in FAC 1601! Maybe it is not a miracle at all but hard work on the student’s Part and clear consistent instructions on the lecturer’s part? Thank you for your effort in making Accounting understandable to pass. Dear Mr Viljoen, once again thank you for establishing the school which brings the real rewarding outcome and a baggage of knowledge. Best wishes to all, A Sevenster  (June 2010)

I would like to thank Mr Viljoen for coming up with the Accounting School concept for UNISA students. Attending the Saturday classes has helped me to understand accounting better. I had written accounting exams with UNISA for two times without any success.

On my third attempt after joining the accounting school I got 72% for accounting. Mr Viljoen would lecture and then give us individual exercises which we would do in class and then we would mark them with him and on top of that he would give us homework for the week which kept us busy during the week. I recommend the Accounting school for anyone who is studying Accounting with UNISA. I am looking forward to the next semester as I want to register with the accounting school to do the ACN102N module.

Mthenjwa Radebe

I would like to thank Mr Viljoen for the time he dedicated to teach all the students on ACN101M. His saying “Simple, Easy, Logic” became true after attending the classes.

I would recommend any student to attend the classes, it is money spend wisely. I am looking forward to attend the classes on ACN102N.

Thanks Mr Viljoen.

Amanda Arlow

Good day,

I just got my results, I got 70%. I was repeating ACN 101 for the fourth time, I have never been so relaxed in an accounting exam. I would recommend your classes to anyone who wants to pass this module. Thank you very much. I am now waiting for the 102 results they are not available yet, I’m crossing fingers.

Kind regards,

Ncebakazi Ella Mqingwana


I received my results for ACN101M (I am sure you have seen them already) and although I got 63% it felt to me like a distinction. I obviously suffer from performance anxiety in the exam – cause when I sit there my mind goes 100 miles a minute and I get myself confused.

No worries – I am very happy with the mark and will try improve with 102N.


Jeannie Wilbach



ST. NO. 05615240


ACN101-M -87%

ACN102-N -94%



Dear Mr Viljoen! I was a student of yours of ACN 101M previous semester. I passed this subject with 87%.

Thank you very much for your effort and contribution to make it possible for me to understand this simply-logical issue.

Thank you very much.

My best wishes,

Anzhela Sevenster Student number 4485-549-4














Liewe Mr. Viljoen,

Soos telefonies bespreek op 11 Dec, hier is my ‘dankie-se’ brief…(PS: ek gaan in Engels oorslaan) – ek weet dis bietjie lank, maar lees dit asb – dis sooo die moeite werd!:-)

To everyone without hope!

I’ve endured boring extra mathematical classes since St. 2 (grade 4) and have developed a strong dislike in the subject ever since. I basically scraped through maths (mercifully) and couldn’t wait to wave bon voyage to the dreaded subject at the 1st opportunity I got. I also battled immensely with Accounting and was repeatedly told that I simply didn’t possess the ‘insight’ required & should, for the sake of my class, consider replacing it with Computyping. I did just that! Consequently, I became even more useless in math, yet excelled in typing! Even up to 1yr ago when I went for a psychometric test, my results showed that I had a below average score for mathematical abilities. Big surprise. I’m registered with Unisa for a Bcom degree where Accounting is compulsory for the 1st year – this was my worst nightmare come true!!! I still remember my 1st Accounting Discussion Class held at Unisa…I was sitting there, looking at the Lector rambling on at surprising speed, but I might as well have been deaf – I didn’t understand a word she was saying! Much to my astonishment, I wasn’t the only one – 3/4 of the students had their hands up and shook their heads when she asked “does everyone understand?”. Krikey, what have I gotten myself into, I thought? That’s when Mr. Viljoen appeared – knight in shining Armour indeed! Suddenly, everybody was frantically scribbling down his website address and telephone number – hanging on his every word! “Break-time”, 1/2 of the students left for refreshments and didn’t return – me included! I wasn’t going to sink deeper into my depressed state listening to stuff that didn’t make sense…I had hope now! Perhaps we weren’t destined to fail afterall! My 1st. Class I attended at the Accounting School was completely opposite to the Discussion Class held at Unisa. A max of 50 students are allowed – excellent idea as this allows for individual attention and no damn microphone or faulty projector! What a breath of fresh air – for once, I didn’t have a ‘lost’, vacant expression on my face – I actually understand the work! I can vouch for Mr. Viljoen’s dedication toward his students – he answered my countless phone calls for ‘last-minute’ revision – even at 10pm at night. Well, 10 weeks later, I survived the exam and scored 83%!!! Miracles do exist! I believe everybody should know what they’re letting themselves in for when signing up with Accounting School…Yes, you do need to pay attention in class and ask questions if you’re unsure. Yes, you do need to do the designated homework & practice consistently throughout the classes. And YES, if maths/accounting has never been your forte, you will regret not signing up for these classes. I can honestly say that there is NO ways in hell I would’ve passed without the guidance, patience & skill of Mr Viljoen and the perseverance of myself. Yes, the class fees seem steep, but in comparison to the humiliation & extra money for re-registrations you’ll suffer otherwise, it’s a small price to pay – if not an investment! It’s hard work, but nothing worthwhile falls into your lap anyway…One thing is certain though…

WITHOUT his classes, accounting is definitely NOT Simple, Easy Logic!

Thank you SO much!!!

Weereens baie dankie Mr. Viljoen! Ek kan maar net hoop dat die dame wat ACN102 aanbied ook so goed is:-)!

Chanell Havenga

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